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Nature's Botanical Roll-On

Nature's Botanical Roll-On
Brand: Nature's Botanical
Product Code: NB-rollon
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Rosemary & Cedarwood Oil Crème and Lotion

Nature’s Botanical is an essential oil based personal insect repellent. It repels flies, sandflies (aka midges) and mosquitoes and DOES NOT contain chemicals such as DEET or Picaradin. Customers report that it can also soothes itches if it’s too late.

Scientifically conducted field studies demonstrate the product can repel flies, midges and mosquitoes for up to 4 hours when applied to lower limbs. These studies were conducted in Tropical QLD (Cairns). Actual protection time will vary depending on a host of factors such as how applied, the area of protection (limbs are less attractive to flies than the face) and skin chemistry (eg sweating, how attractive an individual is to insects etc).

The product comes in a thick crème, which is hand applied and a lotion which is applied by roll-on or spray.  If applying above the eyes, the crème is less likely to run in the eyes with sweat.

For those who prefer a roll-on to a creme, this is the product for you! Convenient 50ml size so you can take it with you anywhere. Simply rub in a little around the back of the neck, wrists, ankles and chest for long-lasting protection. 

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