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HorsePLAY - the Ride of Your Life! Enjoy SOLO or SOCIALLY

HorsePLAY - the Ride of Your Life! Enjoy SOLO or SOCIALLY
HorsePLAY - the Ride of Your Life! Enjoy SOLO or SOCIALLY HorsePLAY - the Ride of Your Life! Enjoy SOLO or SOCIALLY
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                                                                                                                       HorsePLAY promo webpage image with pics

HorsePLAY – for the ‘Ride of Your Life’

What a great name!  Horses have been doing it every day for millions of years.  Now, so can we!                                                                                                

Every horse lovers must have. 

New to Australia and USA, created by an Aussie.  Already won  a swish National Award for its innovation and design – Top 100 Smart Product of the Year.  

OUCH!  That Aussie lady was found lying dying in the dirt by a 13 yo girl after an horrific horseriding accident. 

That inspiring girl applied the first aid she’d learnt at Pony Club to save the ladies life. 

During the intense years of rehab to relearn walking, talking …… riding! that lady created HorsePLAY.                                                                         

What super value – TWO great entertainers in the one box:

  • Exciting Adventure Game
  • Coffee Table Book in a Box

Hence you can enjoy it SOLO or SOCIALLY.  Perfect for when you don’t have anyone handy to play with or you just want to chill on your own.  Enjoy meandering through the HorsePLAY cards – Hold a Picasso in your hand without fear of being arrested! 

Be dazzled and delighted by the horsey things you discover you didn’t know.  Increase your horse savvy by much more than you could imagine possible.

Engage in Adventure, Answer Trivia, Laugh, Sing, Mime, Draw.  Be entertained by the stunning Images and Art.

HorsePLAY provides you with so much fun, excitement and adventure ….. it almost should be considered a controlled substance!

In the elegant, durable, plastic box you’ll find 385 Adventure cards, special HorsePLAY chunky dice, handy rule card, a timer plus various accessories.  You can enjoy it on your own OR with up to 8 players ….. even more can get in on the action if you divide into teams.  Geared to ages 7 years and up.  Perfect for the old, young and undecided!

Depending on the card you draw and a roll of the dice you could be answering trivia questions, acting out a scenario, drawing an image or just kick up your heels.  You will tease your brain and have a ball doing so.  Loads of memory making moments every time you pop the lid on having some HorsePLAY.  There are 7 different card types.  Each type has a different point value.  If you get that card right, you keep it.  The winner is the person with the most points. It's that simple. 

Compact in size makes it a great travel companion.  The quality of the materials is the highest.  The HorsePLAY cards are just over 2.5” wide and 3.75” long.  They have a varnished matt finish which adds to their durability for years of use.  You can drop them in dirt, water or even a fresh poop. After a quick wipe they're back to being as good as new. 

The images range from master works of art from the finest museums around the globe, hysterical cartoons by well known artists and spectacular photographs by the equine elite.

It’s every horse lovers must have.