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Founder Guard® 1Kg

Founder Guard® 1Kg
Brand: Virbac Animal Health
Product Code: VIR-Fguard
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Founder Guard® is uniquely formulated feed supplement that protects against feed
induced laminitis in horses and ponies.

For use in conjuction with high grain diets to maintain low blood D-lactate (of gut origin) and to reduce the risk of laminitis.



  • Horses on high grain diets
    eg Gallopers, pacers, eventers and show hacks
  • Horses grazing lush pastures
    eg Any horse or pony during spring and autumn
  • Young horses being prepared for sales
    eg High grain - low exercise animals
  • Horses that have suffered from laminitis or founder in the past
  • Horses undergoing a change in diet
  • Horses with seedy toe, white line separation or poor quality

ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: Virginiamycin 10g/kg